An introductory guide to Ethereum Mining

Ethereum Mining Calculator

Use this mining calculator to figure out your profitability for your mining rig(s).

You will want to plug in the following 4 values to the calculator below based on your planned setup. You can leave the other prepopulated values as is.

  • Hashing Power - The total amount of compute power for your rig. Normally measured in MH/s. (e.g. An nVidia 1070 GTX card normally gets around 26.66 MH/s, so a 6 card rig would get approximately 160 MH/s)
  • Power Usage - Amount of power used by the rig. Measured in Watts(w). (e.g. A 6 GPU rig might use around 800 - 1000 Watts)
  • Power Cost - The rate you pay for power. Normally measured in kw/h. Get this from your electric bill. (e.g. Residential power might be around 0.036 kw/h)
  • Pool Fee - The fee charged by the mining pool you are in. Most people mine as part of a pool, so they can get regular payouts. (e.g. 1% fee is standard)